Thief Stealing From Yard Greeted By Bull Mastiff And German Sheppard

Published February 16, 2017 1,216,877 Plays

Rumble / Heroic AnimalsIt's not a rare occasion that a person might walk past someone's yard, see something they might have a need of, then proceed to trespass the property, thus becoming a thief. Many people keep massive and loyal dogs by their side, so that they may scare off the perpetrators.

A thief was caught on surveillance camera in this yard trying to steal from from the property as he got an unwelcome, but well-deserved surprise. On his second trip back, he he is greeted by Shelbie and Bonbons, a bull mastiff and a German shepherd mix guarding their owner's home!

There’s no news as to whether the robber was caught, but no doubt the footage is in police's hands. We hope the two heroes got a well-deserved reward too!

What did you think of this video? Have you ever seen something like this before? Would your dogs ever do something like this to protect your home? We would love to hear what you think so please do not hesitate to leave a comment down in the comments section!

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  • Pax, 2 years ago

    Take a hike, spammer.

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  • Pax, 2 years ago

    Actually, you didn't check with BBB. In fact, BBB has never heard of SaveSlam, which means the site you are peddling does not qualify for BBB registration. I take that to mean that either it is a scam, it is a fly-by-night site designed to collect financial information, or its owners do not want to risk oversight that might demand that they stay honest and reputable in their dealings. That is more than enough reason to avoid SaveSlam like the plague, even assuming that sites that spam could be trusted (which they cannot).

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  • Bullet_Tooth_Tony, 2 years ago

    The Thief was "kissed" on the upper inner thigh =) by Shelbie the Bullmastiff. He was also arrested later that day. He went to court and was fined around £150 and had to do 120 hours community service. If he had knocked and asked for the metal items he stole, they would have been his, As it was all trash from a recent kitchen renovation that needed disposing of.

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    • Steff, 2 years ago

      Good dog, Shelbie. :)

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  • Daniel, 41 weeks ago

    As those hope thieves walking by see something in a property owner's yard that they'll be breaking the law to set foot on the property to remove several items as the thief puts the items on the sidewalk hoping to take them later when they hope they don't meet the homeowner's canines when they are hoping they would help put the thief away for a long time.

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