Kitty Chooses Box Instead Of A Cat Tree, And It's Hilarious

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Published: February 14, 2017

This video perfectly captures the entire essence of cats. Sure, we all know why we love them, but we can't help but wonder sometimes - what happens with their logic? Take this adorable buddy here in this video. His owner wanted to build a brand new cat tree, so he carefully assembles all of the equipment necessary to build the perfect cat tree for his beloved pet.

Meanwhile, his adorable assistant, a Labrador pooch, patiently stands aside in the hope that daddy is building something for him. Not so fast buddy, this is entirely for the kitty! Our hero feline, though, doesn't seem to show particular interest and keeps sitting on the old tree, while carefully investigating what's actually going on.

As daddy is nearly finished with the tree, we can't help but admire all the hard work and creativity this man invested in this product. Kitty seems amazed also! The pooch on the other hand seems a bit disappointed and frustrated that he's not getting anything, but keeps staring curiously in the hope that he'll also get the chance to climb the tree.

Much to our surprise, our kitty here does something that's totally what cat always do. Namely, dad left an empty box from the supplies he used to build the tree, and kitty of course sees this as a wonderful opportunity to get inside and enjoy a nap. And that's exactly what she does! Kitty thinks it's absolutely great idea to take a quick nap and see if he could fit into this box, so he's not hesitating a bit! Have a rest, sweety, you deserved this!

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