Bret and Heather 185th DarkHorse Podcast Livestream: Why Would They Lie About That?

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In this 185th in a series of live discussions with Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying (both PhDs in Biology), we discuss the state of the world through an evolutionary lens.

In this episode we discuss new research that finds that 1 in 35 people getting a Moderna booster suffered heart damage, and ask whether it is only the spike protein, or also the mRNA platform more generally, that is at fault. We discuss the eradication of selective pressure in mRNA “vaccines” that do not include the actual pathogen. We discuss the effects of vaccine mandates on the U.S. military, both in terms of morale, and readiness, and return to an earlier discussion of the cheap trick used in research to reveal vaccine efficacy where there is none. And Bret ends on a parable. Buckle up.


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Mentioned in this episode:

1 in 35 myocardial injury, from John Campbell:

Buergin et al 2023. Sex‐specific differences in myocardial injury incidence after COVID‐19 mRNA‐1273 Booster Vaccination. European Journal of Heart Failure.

Paul Offit talks to Gad Saad:

Thinning the Ranks, by Clayton Fox, in Tablet:

Cheap Trick, by Neil and Fenton, July 29, 2023:

(00:00) Wait
(09:03) Welcome
(11:18) Sponsors
(20:53) John Campbell and myocardial injury
(41:35) Paul Offit on Gad Saad podcast
(56:08) Thinning the Ranks by Clayton Fox
(01:24:18) Vax efficacy
(01:32:43) Bret's parable
(01:42:33) Wrap up

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