6 years ago

Guilty Husky Charms His Way Out Of Trouble

We can all describe the infamous guilty look: dogs look away and avert their gaze, some roll onto their back while their ears go back and their tail can't stop thumping.

Looks like someone was up to a little mischief while waiting for mom to come home from work! As soon as this mom gets home and sees the mess, she immediately knows who the culprit is, but is charmed by his sweet smile soon enough! This guilty dog sure knows how to act sweet!

This Husky is expert in getting out of trouble. When his owner notices he has knocked down the lamp, he looks away and to the ground. Then he slowly starts to wiggle his tail and rolls onto his back, looks at the owner and quickly shakes his head while yawning and licking his mouth.

This dog is not exactly innocent, but he certainly knows how to act like he is. We've all come home to a guilty dog once or twice but this dog is expert at trying to get out of trouble.

Husky has perfected his cheesy smile that says 'how could this face have done anything wrong'.

Who can stay mad at this dog, when he is putting so much charm to get out of trouble?

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