Toddler Loves Playing Peekaboo With Family Husky

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Published: February 9, 2017

This is the cutest game of peekaboo that you'll ever see! This toddler and her husky sibling love to play games with each other, and today's game looks like peekaboo, so awesome! You can't help but giggle right along with the two of them as they have a blast enjoying each other's company. This video will definitely brighten up your day. The baby doesn't care if you're a person or a dog, she just wants to have fun! It is so nice to see these two already have such a great bond. They are going to have many more awesome adventures together!

Every time the baby sees her husky sibling, the husky quickly moves back and the baby lets out an enormous laugh. Listening to a baby's laugh always makes you smile! This is too precious. These two never get tired of each other, its always fun and games with them. We wonder what game they're are going to play together after this, they are always ready to have some more fun!

Check out this video of a husky playing peekaboo with this toddler!

Have you ever seen a dog playing peekaboo with a baby before? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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