6 years ago

India, The Most Adorable Kitten Loves To Play With Her Owner

This little kitten India, is absolutely adorable! I don't think it is possible to say no to this little one, especially when you're looking into her eyes! She is so small and innocent, it doesn't look like she has done anything wrong before! This little kitten looks so tired as she leans on her little basket, it looks like it took a lot of effort for her to move herself into a comfortable position, too cute! As her owner starts to rub her head, she shows some more energy, it looks like she is ready to play now as she follows her owners finger around with her paw, too precious!

She looks very fascinated with her owners finger, I don't think she fully understands what it is yet, with time, she will continue to learn many more new things! As her owner asks for a high five, this baby kitten tries her best to give a high five back but she falls over. Poor kitten, it's okay though, she has lots of time to practise and prefect a high five! This little kitten definitely puts a smile on your face, she is so cute!

Have you ever seen a kitten as adorable as India before? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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