Excited French Bulldog tries to play with grumpy cat

Published February 8, 2017 195 Plays $0.45 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesRocky the French Bulldog desperately wants to play with his cat friend, but sometimes Dusty is not in the mood. Rocky bounces around and barks playfully in an effort to get a game going. Dusty stares him down and shows his irritation by lunging and growling. Rocky won't give up and he continues relentlessly. The antics come to a sudden stop when he realizes that such excitement is not always good on a full stomach. Rocky's breakfast makes an unexpected reappearance on the kitchen floor. The owner was no longer laughing when she saw the mess!


  • einsteinparrot, 2 years ago

    Another example of "cats rule, dogs drool" or, as in this case... puke!

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  • Spitfire, 2 years ago

    This video cracks me up! Ahhh, god dammit..... lol!

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