Doll Cat Scares The Life Out Of His Look Alike Friends

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Published: February 7, 2017

Pranks can be very fun for those that actually plan them and lets say not so fun for those at the other end. Nowadays you can find possibly over a billion videos of pranks that people have done on one another, but not something like this. Cats are very curious by nature, so whenever they see the chance to go out and explore, they seem to snatch it every time. This owner has something very special for her curious kittens prepared this lovely afternoon. She also decided to get her camera and film the whole process. Lucky for us that she did, or we wouldn't have been able to see what actually happened.

So, as previously mentioned, its a lovely sunny day, this lady is definitely out to make her kittens understand that curiosity is not always the answer to all things. She has gone to the store and bought them a cat doll that sings and speaks when you trigger it. So , she sets it out in her living room and waits on her cats to approach. All their owner has to do is sit back, wait for them to approach as she knows they will and most certainly enjoy the show!

Their reaction upon meeting this monstrous creature is just too much. Must take a look at how these kittens just lost one of their nine lives over a prank!

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