This Tiny Police Dog In Training Is The Cutest Recruit

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Published: February 7, 2017

In addition to the brave men and women that protect our country and its citizens from harm, there are those four-legged officers that do some of more grueling work that their human counterparts aren’t able to. Of course, we are talking about the police officers of the K9 unit, the clever noses that can sniff out explosives and drugs, locate missing people and find evidence of a crime scene, not to mention protect their handlers. But even the brave police dogs need to go through some training, leveling up until they become the ultimate crime fighters!

Do you know how the police train detection, or “sniffer” dogs? This is Maverick. The little puppy might be adorable and cute, but his trainers are already very impressed with what a fast learner he is.

Watch this future K9 officer in action, as he sniffs out heroin among the different smells. One tube is marked with “food” and the other with “heroin”, indicating the viewers that only one is the right choice for this training exercise. We love how much positive reinforcement he is receiving from his instructors. This is just one of Maverick’s training exercises, and his trainers say he is already able to target all five major odors. And Mavericks is only eight weeks old! That’s two months! He is so brilliant, we are in awe!

"We begin training our puppies for service work (police, protection, military) at 6 weeks old. This puppy was abnormal and excelled at learning. Maverick was able to target all 5 major odors by 8 weeks old,” said the West Michigan K9 unit. Our hands hurt with applause!

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