Little Poodle Can't Jump Onto Couch, Takes Frustration Out On Owner

Published February 6, 2017 7,302 Plays $17.44 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesDon’t you just get tired of people telling you what to do sometimes? They always want the best for you but they can put so much pressure on a person, you snap in the blink of an eye. If only they can let you off the hook and let you do things your way, if only they actually lent a hand instead of giving verbal advice…

This tiny toy poodle called Peanut is frustrated beyond relief. The 4 pound pup wants to climb the couch to get a fem more belly scrubs from his owner, but the human won’t budge. Peanut tries in vain to reach the couch, but no matter how many times he tries to climb it, he always falls a bit too short.

His owner on the other hand thinks that Peanut is receiving quite the life lesson. In fact, he thinks that it’s better for his little furbaby to learn the hard way that practice makes perfect. Nothing comes easy in this life, and climbing the couch is just one of those things. However, what he wasn’t expecting was for his little pup to become so vocal about his frustration. The poodle becomes borderline mean and barks right back at his owner.

Which side would you pick? Do you think the owner is too strict or too lenient? Is the little poodle right to be angry? Should he just pick him up and let him rest on the couch beside him? Make sure you tell us your opinion in the comments down below.