This baby looks normal, but her parents do something shocking to keep her alive!!!

DaisyEvansJourney Published February 4, 2017 340 Plays

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I realise this is shocking if you dont realise why. But trust me its not as shocking for u as it is for us cf moms/ dads who are told when our babies are 2 and a half weeks old that we need to do this to our child to try prevent lung damage. The point of this video is just a little insight into what physiotherapy is for a baby with cystic fibrosis. The treatment lasts 25 minutes and is 3 times a day.It doesn't hurt her we are taught how to do it properly so it doe'snt. Generally she just falls asleep. Or she lies there smiling at me. It makes them feel better. Its like when we have an irritating cough and we finally get it off our chest, how much better we feel. This is what it does for them
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