Photographers Make Adorable Unique Dog Portraits

Published February 3, 2017 6,520 Views

Rumble Raising funds for animals can oftentimes be a very difficult task. In our modern society, we seldom have time or will to think about those without a voice or a home. But two Canadian photographers are making a difference for the animals in a very creative and unique way.

Two creatives have a unique angle to their dog portraits - underneath them! Tania Ryan and Jason Kenzie, from Vancouver, have been at it again with The Underdogs Project to raise money for animal welfare. This time around they’ve revealed their secrets to how they photograph the quirky canines.

Tania said: "“We both not only share the love of pets but also photography, and while we were working on creating the first of these photographs it became clear to us that we needed to do something special with these photos to help raise funds and awareness for animal welfare.” Photographer, Jason, lies beneath a strong sheet of glass, whilst Tania entices the quirky canine with treats.

The results are these awesome portraits that capture the pure essence of dogs - happiness, loyalty and endless love for humans. Each of these dogs has its own unique traits, and these photographers have done a lovely job in portraying that. So cool!

Videographer / director: The Underdogs Project
Producer: Shannon Lane, Ruby Coote
Editor: Marcus Cooper