Doggy Critic Disapproves Of Flute Playing

Published February 2, 2017 149,757 Views

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsThis doggy critic is very picky when it comes to his taste in music. When his human was practicing with her flute, this pup was quick to let her know that he greatly disapproved of her playing. What a tough life it must be to live with such a picky music critic!
In this video a girl is practicing her flute skills, and just moments later we can hear a strange noise coming from the distance. It is really a noise of a dog wining to the flute playing.
We cannot know for sure whether this dog is disapproving, cheering or wining about her music. Maybe he tries to sing along. I sincerely doubt it!

Given that he is lying on the floor facing his back to the girl while she is playing the flute, showing no interest in it whatsoever, I don't think he enjoys her music very much.

Every time she starts playing the dog starts wining and grumbling to the music. He is a real music critic, or maybe he just doesn't like the sound of a flute playing and wants to be left alone during nap time.
However, not all dogs are the same, some like the sound of a flute playing and sometimes howl in order to tune it up.