Adorable Baby Can't Contain Happiness Over Drinking From A Cup Like A Big Girl

6 years ago

Little kids seem to think that they have it tough, because they are little and everyone keeps telling them what to do. So naturally, they want to grow up faster, be like the other grownups sooner. And they try, they really do, but tiny hands can’t hold the big and heavy glasses and tiny footsies can’t walk as fast as adults do.

Parents, on the other hand, would rather have their kids stay little their entire lives, because it means they can take care of them. So when the times comes to leave the bottle and the pacifier, thing can get emotional for a while; until they get hilarious, like the situation in this clip.

This adorable baby is learning how to be more independent already! She doesn't need a baby bottle any more, not when she's got her favorite new drinking cup! There's something about this graduated cylinder that just makes her super excited about learning how to drink water all by herself!

She clearly like drinking water without a nipple and she is super happy about it. Every time she takes a sip, the baby makes these adorable faces, you just wanna pinch those cheeks and eat her up!

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