Man Is Caught Beating Wife, Bystanders Do Something Amazing To Stop Him

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Published: February 1, 2017Updated: February 2, 2017

They Noticed This Man Doing The Unthinkable To His Wife. What They Do Next Saved Her Life

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      GinaPocan · 1 year ago

      That link looks like it says "save islam".... suspicious....

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      BruceAFrank · 1 year ago

      There is a mistake in the Constitution that misstates the term "cruel and unusual punishment!" I understand punishment that is outside the proper response either in intensity or excessive results. BUT, how is it cruel and unusual punishment to administer the same level and kind of punishment to the guilty party? He should be tied down and beating with a length of pipe just as he did to the victim! And since the victim in this case, appears to be his wife, someone he promised to love and cherish, the level of punishment should be taken to the next level of intensity. Then once the punishment stage is over, he should be treated medically to recovery which he then must repay the cost, out of pocket.