TOP 6 Weirdest Super Bowl Commercials EVER

ObsevOriginalsPublished: January 31, 201766 views
Published: January 31, 2017

Ever since Farrah Fawcett “creamed” Quarterback Joe Namath, Super Bowl commercials have been a time honored American tradition. Today we’re looking at the weirdest commercials in Super Bowl history. #6 - A Monster Hummer During 2006’s Super Bowl, General Motors released this colossal commercial featuring a knock-off Godzilla and her Megazord lover. Yep, instead of duking it out like we’d expect, these giants get to making out. They’ve got so much in common after all. One thing leads to another and the next thing we know our Lizard lady is pregnant. Which totally implies that a whole city had to awkwardly witness loud unbridled monster sex. She-zilla then gives birth to a Hummer H3, because they’re “Little Monsters”. Aww look at that cute little gas guzzler destroying the environment just like its parents. #5 - Audi’s Mixed breed In this 2014 spot a couple looks for their perfect pet at a pet store. The man wants a Chihuahua while the woman prefers dobermans. A creepy pet store worker suggests a compromise of breeding the two together, cueing a dream sequence of the mixed breed abominations. Dubbed the Doberhuahua, this breed terrorizes the world. The zany looking Doberhuahua is aggressive and small like a land piranha. The commercial also utilizes noteable animal rights activist and “Arms of the Angel” singer Sarah McLachlan to disparage the fantasy pooch. The commercial ends with the message that compromise is bad, and that everyone should go out and buy Audi’s A3 because... it's not a dangerous dog? #4 - Emerald Nuts Boogeyman The marketing for Emerald Nuts is always off the wall weird, but if we had to narrow down all of their Super Bowl commercials to just one, the weirdest would have to be their 2007 Robert Goulet Boogeyman commercial because it’s less in-your-face-weird and more subtly creepy. In this spot a narrator personifies the mid work day slump as 1960’s singer and actor Robert Goulet. According to the commercial’s urban legend, when you’re feeling low on energy Goulet appears like a mischievous sprite that wreaks havoc where you go. That is unless you take a handful of Emerald Nuts, those’ll make him reverse Spider-Man away. #3 - Sobe Lizard Lake 2009’s Super Bowl brought us this mind bending commercial from Sobe lifewater. At first it appears to be a simple nod to society’s sudden realization that football players take ballet, but then almost instantly things get strange. Like “oh damn I took too much acid”-strange. Eerie animated versions of football stars Ray Lewis, Matt Light, and Justin Tuck are joined by CGI SoBe lizards and for some reason the cast of Monsters vs. Aliens. The commercial then becomes a jam packed fever dream including a lizard with SoBe grills and Ray Lewis transforming into a lizard himself. Yikes, where’s my trip sitter? #2 - Evil Beaver Miller Lite This 1998 commercial starts with a group of pioneers chopping wood and settling in the woods. Once they're finished they decide to relax with some Miller Lite, but the local fauna has other plans. A angry beaver sees that the pioneers have stolen his wood and jumps on his motorcycle to attack. Heavy metal wails “Evil Beaver” as the creature devours their cabin, wooden legs, and beer. #1 - Mountain Dew’s Monstrosity Mountain Dew’s 2016 commercial for their energy drink Mountain Dew Kickstart is the pinnacle of weird commercials. All will try, but none will best this spot and it’s absurdity. Of course we are talking about the Puppy Monkey Baby. A horrific chimera that plays a rattle and chants “puppy monkey baby” as it delivers mountain dew Kickstart. Mountain Dew’s spokesperson has said on record that they decided on combining the three things people love the most, monkeys, babies, and pug faces, only we’re sure that no one loved this commercial and it just shocked everyone. Do you think there’s a bizarre commerical we missed? We’d love to hear what you have to say in the comments below.

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