Pup Gets A Ride From Newfoundland Big Brother

Published January 31, 2017 69,578 Views

Rumble Dogs always have something in store for us whether it is a new trick, a weird howl, a funny face, a conversation with owners, a game of fetch and so on. No matter what they do, it looks funny on camera. And we love watching videos with dogs. Not only dogs but animals in general. Because everything is justifiable with them, there’s nothing they can do that can make owners feel angry, and even if they do, it will be quickly forgotten and forgiven!

Having a big brother is a bliss. Not only do they teach you a lot of the stuff they already know, but they are always there for you, because, hey, big brothers! You might get in trouble once or a few times for something they did, because you are the younger one, but our big brothers can be the perfect partners in crime anytime.

They have protected us from our foes and have helped us out more times than we would care to admit. Anyone who has had the pleasure to grow up with a bigger brother will find themselves in this.

Same goes for our pets as well. Sure, they have us to nurture them and protect them, but they will always feel differently when they have one of their own as companion. This tiny pooch is certainly very lucky to have a BIG brother like his, and the massive dog is truly living up to the name! He is done with all those well-known games he plays all day long, they are boring and every day should be different. Why be mundane when it can be exciting? So, with this little pup around, he can make a real difference in the world of games. This one is a totally new addition to his palette. It doesn’t have a name but if it did, it would be called “How to carry a puppy in your mouth?”

There’s no doubt that the little pup is having so much fun, or at least he looks like he is. Maybe he is a bit afraid but there’s no need to be afraid since his big brother will never let him go. What’s the point of throwing him all of sudden, when they haven’t even reached the touchdown zone? Running around with the pup is the most exciting thing that could happen to this dog in weeks. Taking advantage of the situation, he jumps around with the pup in the garden without a care in this world. It’s a good thing that his owners filmed him, we are totally bewildered by his game.

The Newfoundland looks like he’s having all the fun in the world, carrying his tiny brother around the yard, harness in muzzle and the owner laughing behind camera gives the entire experience a little extra something special! If you watch this video without the sound on, it is pretty funny, but when you hear the owner barely keeping it together, it will leave you in stitches and you will keep rewinding the clip to watch again and again!