Guy Crashes Into A Cow While Riding Dirt Bike

Published January 30, 2017 5,877 Plays

Rumble / Epic FailsAction cameras are becoming more popular every day. They can be mounted on almost anything and they can record action, sports, extreme activities, family times and much more. But what is becoming more common is for people to catch footage of the unexpected and since they are hands free, we are seeing footage of things we only heard about before. And some of those things were unbelievable, at least they were until now.

This dirt bike rider had his camera running as he rode laps around a dirt track on this farm property. Mounted on the top of his helmet, it provides a view of the action exactly as he would see it himself. It seems that he wanted footage of the tight cornering and the jumps that he was performing. He surely had no idea that he was about to film a spectacular collision and wipeout involving a cow.

We can see the rider lining up towards the ramp and we can hear the engine noise increase as he accelerates. No doubt, he knows what speed he needs to achieve to land on the other dirt mound safely. But in the distance, we get a glimpse of something moving slowly. As he gets nearer, we can see it’s a huge cow. He may not have seen it in time to brake, or he may have felt committed to hitting the ramp at the proper speed to avoid a poor landing. Or maybe he hoped that the cow would continue in the direction that it was going. Unfortunately, the confused animal turned and tried to go back, putting itself exactly in the path of the dirt bike.

There is little doubt that this poor biker knew on takeoff that he was in trouble. He managed to land the bike with no time for braking or swerving and he hit the cow hard. Luckily, he seemed to be okay, as he was reaching up to turn off the camera less than 4 seconds after the collision. He also provided us with a footage that shows the cow running off, apparently okay as well. Although it was a solid hit for the cow, it wasn’t knocked off its feet. Let’s hope it finds its way back to the herd without any serious injuries and that the biker is also unscathed.

The video raises the question about how unexpected it is for this cow, or any others, to find their way onto the dirt bike track. Because we can’t see any other cows anywhere else in the footage, it is very likely that the cow has wandered here after slipping through a fence or gate, or that this is not the time when the dirt biker would expect a cow to be crossing. It’s fair to say that both the cow and the rider were equally surprised to meet like this. Either way, the footage here is something that you are not likely to see again any time soon!


  • BroncoBob, 3 years ago

    I hope the cow wasn't injured.

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  • Liane, 2 years ago

    Poor cow

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