Mom Can't Believe School Is Teaching Her Son About THIS

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Published: January 27, 2017Updated: January 30, 2017

One Look At Her Son’s Homework Assignment And Mom Has Stern Message For Teacher

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      mimibelle · 1 year ago

      America is a multi-faith country. Muslim Americans do indeed follow the teachings of the Quran much as Jewish Americans follow the teachings of the Torah and Christians the bible. Your own constitution supports people of all faiths. Are you saying therefore that you are un-American?

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      Canon · 1 year ago

      Kids SHOULD be taught that it's OK that we all don't have the same traditions, beliefs, and doctrines. They should have a general understanding of a variety of them and the similarities between them. These lessons should also come with teaching that the purpose of the lesson is NOT to influence HOW the student chooses to worship or believe, but just to show that there ARE different ways and that is OK. Understanding each other is the key to everything and I absolutely believe if the grownups had a better knowledge of other religions, they too would understand that is is OK to believe differently and still be a good person. I was taught about many different ones in school years ago and it did not turn me into a muslim. Relax people. Knowledge is a good thing.

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      Lovelife · 1 year ago

      I normally found religious studies boring at school however knee set of lessons had a lasting impact on me. It was when we learnt the basics of the main religions, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism and Sikhism, their core beliefs, festivals, place of worship. None of it radicalisedor converted me but gave me a good understanding and respect for all religions. And what did I take from it? That there is far more is shared between religions that divides them. For example did you know Jesus is a prophet in Islam.