6 years ago

Precious Little Kitten Is Treated Like Human Baby In This Family

This is the heartwarming moment when a tiny kitten is given a bottle of milk in her princess crib! This owner is just too enthusiastic to let this priceless moment slip away. Cuteness overload!

Cat-persons would agree how adorable it is to watch kittens being fed with bottle. Footage shows a tiny kitten meowing his hearts out just to get owner’s attention and signalize that she is hungry, to which this cat lady heats a baby bottle of milk and suggests that the kitten enters her princess crib in order to be bottle-fed. Adorable!

This smart kitten knows how to get what she wants! Watch how adorable she is while she starts drinking from the tiny bottle all by herself, while cradling in her cozy pink crib that brings on the charm. This video will make you want to snuggle up next to this little princess!

Is there anything cuter than a baby animal? Yes, a baby animal drinking milk from a bottle. This baby kitten knows how to use her bottle, and makes adorable suckling noises as she hands on to the bottle, just in case it slips away.

This cute little princess is comfortable lying on her back and enjoying her warm beverage. She is being fed with a bottle and lying like human in her cozy pink crib.

Sometimes baby animals can’t drink from their mothers for whatever reason, and these little orphans must rely on the help of caring humans and adorable baby bottles to get the nutrients that they need.

If you find yourself in this situation, you should allow the kitten to suckle at his own pace. If a kitten refuses to suckle, try stroking the kitten’s back or gently rubbing her on her forehead. This stroking is similar to momma cat’s cleaning and it may stimulate the kitten to nurse.

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