Precious Bulldog Loves To Show Off His Singing Skills

Boombawks1337 Published January 23, 2017 31,590 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesThere’s nothing cuter than a dog letting out a big ol’ howl, especially when in it’s in response to an instrument or someone else singing! Few things bring joy to almost everyone and can put a smile on the face of just about anyone. A few of those things? Music, dogs, and affection. We couldn’t stop smiling watching this adorable duo. It’s the most calming video I’ve seen all day! Enjoy this adorable Bulldog sings while his owner plays the guitar!

How adorable is this? Winston the Bulldog has an unusual talent for a dog, but none the less, still hilariously cute. As soon as his owner breaks out his guitar, it is game over. Winston knows his time to shine is quickly approaching, so he readies himself for his moment. You can be sure that this will make your day, even if you aren't a dog lover!

Does this clip bring you just as much joy? We sure can’t get enough of it! It's obvious that this bulldog loves to get his tunes on! Watch him hilariously "sing" along to his owner's guitar playing. What a dynamic duo!

This precious pooch has the frustrating habit of howling every time his owner attempt to enjoy a little music, he's not trying to sabotage his fun, he's just a dog! He's also trying to show off his impressive soprano singing skills, too! Do you like Winston’s singing?

Every person in their life has a period where they want to be a famous singer, whether when they were kids, teenagers, or having a big pop band with your best friend. Well, in this case, that best friend is a dog, and he is incredible. Imagine having a group with your dog and doing a world tour? It would be super fun!

Bulldogs are known for their excellent acting skills; however, they are also known for their fantastic singing skills! Who would resist Winston’s strange voice? It’s mesmerizing!

Forget N’sync, Backstreet Boys, and forget One Direction, this is the newest boy band that will take over the world. Where can we buy our tickets? This sweet doggy has a habit of howling every time his owner attempt to enjoy a little bit of playing the guitar around the house, and he is not afraid to show off with his voice. So adorable!

If you ever wondered if dogs enjoy singing this video is the perfect answer for you! They do! We can’t get over this and can’t stop watching! But we have never seen a dog to enjoy singing so much until we saw this loud Bulldog and his owner! A star was born!

Dogs love to hear to music! However, they love slower music, relaxed, something that you can chill on. They don’t like aggressive music, something that has a faster tempo, basically all albums of Megadeath and Iron Maiden. Just kidding!

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