Corgi desperate to play with Pomeranian, backs her into corner

MroenPublished: January 23, 2017Updated: January 24, 201791,609 views
Published: January 23, 2017Updated: January 24, 2017

It would seem like there is a disagreement between two of the cutest little doggies. This adorable exchange occurred between a corgi puppy and a Pomeranian. Max the corgi puppy really wants to play with Ciki the Pomeranian, but it appears she's a little shy. Watch her hilariously stand up in the corner to back away from Max. Too funny!

It's clear that Ciki doesn't want to play, but Max isn't taking no for an answer! What a persistent little guy. We could all learn something about his motivation to find a playmate. But how adorable is Ciki standing on her hind legs? She probably wants him to leave her alone so that she can get some alone time.

Check out this desperate corgi!

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