ViktorLarkhillPublished: January 22, 2017Updated: January 23, 201793,389 views
Published: January 22, 2017Updated: January 23, 2017

A dog has been found, abandoned, with a huge tumor inside him. The people that found him wrote to me and asked for help. When I saw the size of the tumor I couldn´t believe it so we are jumping on the car and going to rescue.
Come with me on this journey... we have to save his life!

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    warriorbride · 1 year ago

    oK SO CUT THE TIME on your camera and start it when you actually drive up and get the dog, then stop and show when you get to the vet and then show what he said and then show him getting surgery and then show us the after and him ;playing and better, go watch PAWS for HOPE in Los Angeles and see how he does his videos and learn from him, he has been doing this for YEARS and makes money and has MILLIONS of followers if you want TO learn HOW TO DO your videos ok for People want to see him better after you get him washed and all of that at the vets ata the fosters home sleeping and playing be blessed and Shalom and the music was way too loud and drowned out your voice at the start of the video you don't need it ok if you do the video correctly and splice it then you won't have to, its a WASTE of time to go and record all that travel back and forth when it could be used to show what happened to the dog at the vet and afterwards ok shalom

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    cawilliams962 · 1 year ago

    You wasted so much time talking to the camera with little focus on the dog. The music drowns you out, turn it down or leave it out. Try focusing more on the rescue or picking up the dog. Show more of what is happening to the animal and definitely show the recovery phase from surgery. Tell the story of your current rescue. Also no need to show so much time scratching the pooch's belly, we get it he or she will be happy to see you. In the almost 15 minutes of this video, I felt like the viewers should have been able to see the outcome instead of now haveing to wait for a follow up of which most won't probably bother with because of how poorly this one was done.

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    HeatherC · 1 year ago

    I would really like to know what happened to Duke. Can you please post an update

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      TorbisonGalowsky · 1 year ago

      Duke had a liposarcoma and is now completely healed. Look at him!: You have all the videos here. They are long and you'll have to look for Duke, but there are also some other lovely dogs on them. So, enjoy!