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Five-Month-Old Puppy Is Given Second Chance At Life After Illegal Dog Fighting

This is the emotional story of five-month-old Pit puppy Jax who recovered from a life-threatening, vicious dog attack that is believed to be caused from illegal dog fighting, to the joyous puppy he is today.

On May 10th, 2015, Mother’s Day, Unleashed Pet Rescue responded to a Topeka Facebook Swap & Shop ad asking for help. A five-month-old Pit Bull mix puppy had wandered onto a porch and collapsed after suffering life-threatening punctures and tears to his head and neck, which is believed to have been from illegal dog fighting.

When they found him, he didn’t even look like a puppy, he was swollen, his eyes were shut, he had big gash in his neck, holes in his head, so his rescuer visited Jax for as much as she could, to check on his progress. Every night she would go to see Jax until the day he went home. What a thoughtful gesture! Faith in humanity restored!

Fortunately, Jax got better and better, night after night, he would wag his tail and start feeling alive again! Every night his eyes were opening more and more, and he just started smiling! This pooch received a second chance at life and he sure deserves every second of it!

Remembering the dreadful event, the rescuer recalls having the worst emotional feeling there can ever be. She keeps on wondering: ‘How could somebody do that?”. Fortunately, after spending nearly two weeks in intensive care, Jax was released from the Emergency Center and placed in foster care.

Today, Jax is six-months-old and his name signifies “God is gracious”. When his rescuer found him, she was mad of disbelief, but she also wanted to cry at the same time. After assuming that he may have been victim of dog fighting, she was afraid that he might die on the way to the emergency unit. The next day, the dog said that his prognosis was good and that Jax would fully recover, the kind woman was very happy to hear the good news.

Three weeks ago, he couldn’t walk, all he could do was wag his tail and lift his head a little bit, and now he runs, plays and jumps, he just loves life! It is truly very upsetting that there isn’t much help and not much is done to protect any of the animals. We simply cannot understand how people can do such inhumane things! They should be put to shame!

Therefore, if you see or if you think that there is dog fight going on, don’t just turn your back and walk away. We hope this video will change people’s mind. To do nothing, to say nothing, stops nothing, just remember that!

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