How to Accidentally Discharge Your Pistol Properly

Published January 18, 2017 3,396 Plays $5.45 earned

Rumble Occurred on November 16, 2016 / Columbia Falls, Montana, USA

Info: A shooter at a local match had an accidental discharge and we were lucky enough to catch it on film. This was NOT a negligent discharge as his finger was nowhere near the trigger when the gun fired.
Consider all of the things he did CORRECTLY during the incident:
1.Gun is pointed down range and in a safe direction.
2. After the discharge he did not panic, but rather surveyed the situation.
3. After surveying the situation he awaited directions from the range officer instead of wildly handling the firearm.

Also, consider all of the things that he did INCORRECTLY prior to the incident:
1. He installed an aftermarket hammer and sear that were labeled "gunsmith installation only".
2. He disabled the firing pin block safety on his firearm for a shorter reset.
In his defense, this handgun had been tested and run weekly at matches for over 1,000 rounds and dry fired tens of thousands of times before it failed and causing the accidental discharge.