Marine Surprises Girlfriend With Homecoming Proposal

Published January 17, 2017 237,505 Views

Rumble / Priceless MomentsHappiness comes in different ways and forms. Happiness is in everything. It is in the rain, the sun, the blizzard and for this girl it is standing barefoot in the snow just to make a warm welcome to the love of her life. She is really enjoying the moment, being present for that gift that is her boyfriend and allowing it to become intense.

The video footage shows a Marine coming home early not just to greet his girlfriend but to ask her an important question. So he comes in front of her door and knocks. She opens the door and is totally unaware what her boyfriend is up to. She is completely taken by surprise, caught off-guard as the only thing she does is hugging and kissing him with an intensity of a child after not having seen his mom for a long time. And while she can't believe her eyes when she sees he is home early, he asks her to marry him. She is so overwhelmed with joy, she can barely pull herself together. Her tears of joy become out tears as well, and for sure no one can stay indifferent to the moment.

There is part in our lives that is made to move. And it is usually on a level that is better and more exciting than the previous one. This couple has just taken this life-changing leap of commitment. Marriage proposals are a very special moment between two people so congrats to the newly engaged. May your life be filled with love, prosperity and many children!