Scared of the Dentist in Richmond Hill? Here's how this clinic can help...

Published January 17, 2017 0 Plays

Rumble / Entertainment Life Dr. Jack Bengall and his team has over 25 years of taking care of people's dental anxiety and nervousness in Richmond Hill, Ontario and surrounding areas. They realize that some people need extra care personally not just with sedation to walk them through their appointments. That's what Expressions Dental Care does, they pay special attention to those folks. Just try them out...they offer complimentary friendly advice over the phone and if you are so bold as to go in for a complimentary tour and coffee/tea/water (no obligation), they guarantee you will want to join their family.

As Dr. Bengall says "Even people that haven't been into see a dentist in years, it's not as bad as they think - and that's why they were hesitating before."

Call them now (289) 317-1055 to discuss how they can help with dental anxiety.