Making a Bed With Cats Around

Published January 17, 2017 139,593 Plays

Rumble / Cats & KittensNobody ever said that life was easier with cats around, but it’s definitely funnier! As Exhibit A, we bring you this video of beloved internet sensations Cole and Marmalade “helping” their human dad Chris Poole to put new sheets on the bed. The result is pure comedy gold—and one that will look very, VERY familiar to any other human slaves of pampered kitties out there! When those new sheets start going on the bed, all bets are off. Clearly believing this to be a game designed solely for their entertainment, Cole and Marmalade to anything and everything in their power to make the task as complicated as possible for their exasperated human while also making the whole process as fun as possible for themselves.

We know exactly how you feel, Chris! As any person with cats can tell you, trying to make the bed or change the sheets with cats around is a sure way to make what should be a simple, two-minute process into a forty five minute endurance test, as the cats burrow under the sheets, rumple them up while you’re trying to straighten them, curl their bodies into little lumps under the sheets that keep you from being able to tuck the corners in appropriately, and just generally create enough mayhem to make the task an arduous one. But they also make it hilarious—and, really, how many things are there in life that turn mundane tasks into something that’s actually fun (even if it ends up taking much longer than it should)?

We can’t think of too many—unless it’s watching a dog fighting with a vacuum cleaner, but that’s a story for another time. Having cats around may not exactly make you look forward to getting house work done, but they certainly do help to make that work feel a lot less like doing chores. If you haven’t clicked the Play button yet, you should definitely do so now—and be prepared to chuckle with both amusement and recognition as you watch Cole and Marmalade’s antics unfold. We know that the cat loving friends and relatives you forward this one too will get just as big a laugh out of it, and thank you for having sent it their way. We know that we plan on bookmarking this one to watch over and over again, and we’re betting that you’ll feel exactly the same!



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  • missvirgule, 3 years ago

    But... it's Marmalade :-) !!!

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  • Drifter, 3 years ago

    My Ragdoll acts EXACTLY like the ginger tabby does.

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