How to do a White Wash or White Stained Guitar

BradAngovePublished: January 16, 2017Updated: January 17, 201751 views
Published: January 16, 2017Updated: January 17, 2017

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In this video we take a look at how to do a whitewash or white stained finish with belen's white pickling stain. You can achieve the white stained look by applying the stain and wiping off the excess. In order to get a whitewash look instead, you simply apply a thicker layer of the stain and allow it to dry. This is a versatile product that dries fast and gives a nice effect. Check it out at one of the links below if you're interested in it.

Mohawk website:
Behlen website:

Their youtube:
Their Facebook:
@mohawkconsumer on instagram

Behlen's Amazon:

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