Curious Grizzly Bear Comes To Greet Park Visitors

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Published: January 16, 2017

Perhaps not many of you will ever have this kind of problem, but bears have been known to simply barge into a person’s property and stay there for some time. Usually the reason behind these unwanted guest appearances are the sources of food that your yard might be offering, such as bird feeders or the garbage. Let us not bore you with the obvious reasons and read on as the persons experiencing this whole situation give it to you first hand.

So, "We came across two grizzly bears on the Beartooth Highway grazing at the side of the road. We shot video and photos for about 20 minutes when one bear climbed on the car across the street from us. He then dropped down off of the car and came straight for our vehicle. He climbed on the hood, and Valerie Peters shot video of the encounter. In the car were David and Valerie Peters (husband and wife from Billings, MT), their niece Sage Crofts (from Cody, WY - age 12)and a friend's daughter - Elise Beal (from San Jose, CA - age 7). We were not really fearful as the bear did not act in an aggressive manner.

After the encounter, I asked Elise if this would give her nightmares, and she said "Are you kidding? This is the best day of my life EVER! The children had been eating beef jerky all morning and the open bag was sitting on the seat, which explains the comment Elise made about the bear smelling the beef jerky. At no time did we feed the bear. I should be noted that this incident took place about 30 miles outside of Yellowstone National Park on Highway 212, on the Beartooth Highway." - Valerie Peters

Location: Beartooth Highway, Wyoming , occurrence date: June 20, 2015

Credit: Valerie Peters /

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