A Welshman Teaches A Hungry Seagull How To Dance

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Published: January 16, 2017

You don’t get to see this every day. Someone actually managed to teach a seagull how to dance.

If you live near a large body of water, you know that this is really hard to achieve. Seagulls tend to have a mind of their own, and they rarely ever listen to what humans have to say to them. These rather pesky birds seem to find amusement in stealing the food from the unobservant beach goers and the tiny humans they just love to make cry. But in reality, they are not all that bad.

Seagulls are a species of seabirds that have been living on this planet for somewhere between 30 and 33 million years. They can be quite noisy and destroy the beachfront properties with the amount of droppings they produce, but overall, they are known as being the fishermen’s friends. They mainly flock around ports and anchored ships, and provide amusement for the people working on the docks.

This video shows us exactly how they do it. A man in Wales decided to have some fun during his lunch hour and attempted to make a seagull dance. This actually turned out to be a grand idea, because the hungry seagull perfected the routine and filled up his stomach with a serving of fries. Looks incredible, we know!

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