Man Goes Swimming With 12 Golden Retrievers

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Published: January 16, 2017

What could possibly make a joyous activity like swimming feel any better? The cooling effect of the water, the sheer serenity of it, you either love it or you have it and we certainly love it!

A man from Samut Songkhram in Thailand took the challenge of making swimming even better to heart. Every time he goes for a swim in the local river, he is joined by his 16 Golden Retrievers! You read that right - not one, not a couple or a few, but 12 dogs, which all go in the water together with their owner! And they bark in unison too!

We cannot be too sure what truly motivates these dogs to go after their owner in such panic. Golden Retrievers are very loyal and protective of their owners, so we think that maybe they think the owner is drowning and all of them are in a rush to help him out of harm’s way.

Or maybe they all compete for their owner’s love and attention, so when they are in the water, it all comes down to who can swim better; the swimmers are in the front, while the losers are in the back and they bark with envy!

Whatever the reason, this is truly a sight to see for all lovers of this noble breed.

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