Nintendo Switch Launch Titles Announced: Top 10 Games We Want to See

ObsevOriginalsPublished: January 14, 201715 views
Published: January 14, 2017

Nintendo’s next generation console had finally been revealed and it's unlike anything we’ve ever seen. The Nintendo Switch is both a home and handheld console, making it a hybrid never seen before. Nintendo says that the mobile party console will revolutionize the gaming industry, but its library of games will make or break it for the public. Today we’re counting down the top 10 games that should available on the Nintendo Switch, excluding the officially announced games like Super Mario Odyssey and the next Zelda games. #10 Rocket League - Rocket League stole the hearts of gamers in 2015 by reinventing the world’s most popular sport by adding souped-up cars. Nintendo unfortunately missed out the game’s viral success as every major console but the Wii U got access to the award winning game. But last year, Rocket League’s developer expressed an interest in innovating methods for cross platform multiplayer - bridging the online communities of each console into one. #9 Street Fighter - Early leaks suggest that 3rd party developers have been working on a classic arcade controller accessory, perfect for fighting games. While the Switch could run a variety of fighting games, including Soul Caliber or Pokken, Street Fighter is competitive esports standard. - If the Switch’s teaser trailer is any indication, Nintendo is showing interest in fostering esport communities. #8 Star Fox - The last Star Fox game, Star Fox Zero wasn’t well received. A fresh Star Fox game has the potential of being the premier space shooter of modern gaming, it just needs to stop relying on its legacy and learn from its competitors. #7 Kingdom Hearts 3 - After a wait of 11 years, Kingdom Hearts 3 might be one of the longest anticipated games of all time. While previous main series Kingdom Heart games have been exclusive to Playstation, the third installment has already been confirmed for XBox One as well, so you can’t rule out KH3 for the Switch. Also if you count spinoff games, Nintendo’s DS family has actually housed more games in the series than the Sony systems combined. #6 Animal Crossing - Animal Crossing for the Switch is a no brainer. Its one of the best selling Nintendo games and has prospered equally in home console and handheld formats. Animal Crossing games are highly engrossing and addictive, making them perfect for the Switch’s mobility. After all, being a mayor is a 24/7 job. #5 Advanced Wars - Strategy games have been lacking on our list thus far, so to plug up that hole we’re begging Nintendo to pursue an Advanced Wars sequel. Sure plenty of people want to see yet another traditional Fire Emblem, we do too, but it’s an absolute travesty that the last Advanced Wars game was published in 2008. #4 Super Mario Sunshine - Mario’s team-up with robotic waterpack FLUDD made for one of the most iconic Mario games, that has long since been lost to the sands of time. Nintendo titles love to draw in players from a nostalgic angle and a Super Mario Sunshine sequel would sell consoles alone. #3 Pokemon Stadium – Yes, main series Pokemon games are wonderful, but fans have been dying to see an update to the Stadium and Coliseum series. Pokemon Stadium’s roster of battle ready Pokemon makes competitive battles easily accessible for party play and casual fans. #2 Monster Hunter - Perhaps one of the most requested games for the Switch, Monster Hunter has always lived in a grey area between console and handheld. Now that the Switch is embracing that grey area, big screen Monster Hunter fans no longer have to play the newest installments on handheld or hold their breath for a Wii U port. #1 Super Smash Brothers - The fact that Nintendo didn’t announce a Super Smash Brothers game during their Switch reveal presentation is a cruel joke. In many ways Smash Brothers is the franchise that kept Nintendo’s previous consoles afloat and relevant. What games do you want to see on the Nintendo Switch?

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