Random Act Of Kindness For Stranded Bus Driver

6 years ago

There are days when it feels like it would have been better if you just stayed in your bed. It feels as if the world has created some plot to make your life miserable that day. You can find yourself quoting Murphy’s law every few minutes and it’s starting to weigh down on you. Really, anything that could go wrong would go wrong.

Just ask this bus driver. There could have been many other days where his bus would have stopped working but it just had to be this one. It just had to be the day when the sky opened up and it started pouring buckets. Now, he is left with a bus that has broken down in the middle of the street and a rainy task of guiding the vehicles around it. He can be seen wearing his fluorescent vest and moving his arms to signal the cars.

However, seems like Murphy’s going to take a little break, because this driver just got himself an umbrella. You’ve heard it right. A driver stopped his car behind the bus, popped up the trunk of the car and pulled out an umbrella. He ran across the street and gave it to the bus driver, then without waiting, returned to his car and drove away. Faith in humanity is definitely restored. It only takes a tiny good deed to make someone else’s day a thousand times better, so don’t ever hesitate to lend a hand.

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