This Young Man Will Stop At Nothing To Look Like A Ken Doll

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Published: January 13, 2017

Self-proclaimed ‘living Ken doll’ Johnny Dylan says nothing will stand in the way of him achieving his dream of looking completely fake - even health warnings from doctors. The 27-year-old merchandiser, who was born in Hong Kong, now lives in Vancouver with his boyfriend Joel, who works as a heavy-duty mechanic.

"When I was five years old, I got my first Ken doll. It was a Malibu Ken.” explains Johnny. “He had blonde highlights, blue eyes, and dark eyelashes. He was tan with good bone structure. “When I first saw the Ken doll, I knew that that was what perfection meant to me.”

Johnny spends $800 every month to maintain his look. His bill includes Botox injections and lip fillers to achieve his striking plastic look. His daily routine consists of slathering himself in fake tan, always has perfectly manicured nails and contoured makeup, and uses eye-color changing contact lenses to change his brown eyes to a more Ken doll-like azure gaze.

“I started getting fillers about two years ago and definitely now I am really known for my big lips.” Johnny adds. “I’m still not happy with the size though, I want them to be much bigger.” He was recently denied more lip fillers, because his lips were already too big, but that didn’t stop Johnny from getting another opinion.

His boyfriend of two years, whom he met on the gay dating site Grindr, thinks that plastic surgery is a waste of money. “I’m not going to judge anyone, but personally I would never have anything done to myself.

“The amount of procedures he goes through is extreme and I think it could be dangerous.” But Johnny believes that since this is how Joel met him, that he loves him for it. “He thought I was drop dead gorgeous when he met me. But he does like me a little more on a natural side. He likes how I look at home without the makeup.”

The one place Johnny finds support is with his best friend Jonathan. His support goes so far, that the duo goes for their regular Botox sessions together. “I think Johnny is a real inspiration. He has shown me that being yourself is all that matters and that is true happiness.”

Videographer / director: Darcy Muenchrath
Producer: Katie Mercer, Ruby Coote
Editor: Marcus Cooper

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