6 years ago

Little Boy Preciously Sings His Dog A Lullaby

This video is so adorable that you will not take your eyes off this dog that hypnotizes us with its extreme relaxation. this dog seems to love to be taken care of by this tender boy who treats him with delicacy and all the sweetness of the world. This affectionate dog has obtained a much more affectionate owner than him and the two of them make a very adorable couple, to the point of provoking an overload of sweetness in those who see the beautiful image of the boy and the dog. Very adorable!

This boy does not need dolls to play now that he has the role of a loving mother. Having his dog is enough, and his mom trusts him so much that he leaves the full care of the dog entirely to him. The bond that these two have is so strong and incredible since the boy has totally won the heart of this adorable feline. It receives all the love it can get as if the boy was its own mother. There is no doubt that the doggy loves the sweet melody it hears.

It seems that the dogy's weakness is the forehead since caressing it makes the dogy go into a much deeper slumber that it extremely enjoys. This little mom knows what his baby dog likes and also what his favorite song is. Although the dog is not exactly a baby, it enjoys being treated like one and at these moments of softness, it forgets everything about hunting, pouncing, scratching and the odious humor that characterizes many dogs, because it is very vulnerable to this young boy who seems to have additionally tamed it with his melody as if he were a snake charmer, but in this case it is a cute dogy who like us melts at the sight of these two inseparable friends.

dogs love when their fur is being caressed, it is something that makes them purr, something that they enjoy very much. They are pets that can become so affectionate around people, they just have to earn their trust and affection and once they have earned them, they will give them their unconditional love. When they become close with their humans, they know where to turn to when they want a few strokes and hugs.

People who have seen this video are so delighted to see the calming way this boy makes his dog asleep and it was with a right when this little boy mom said that these two friends would melt your heart. boy's mom must be very proud to see that her daughter loves animals so much. Expressing our love for these beautiful creatures says a lot about us and makes us great people because they are so innocent and yet so intelligent that they do not give way to hatred or rancor, they will always be there to give and receive love.

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