Friendly waste collector offers carrot to frightened horse

oiuytresaPublished: January 12, 2017232,997 views
Published: January 12, 2017

While on a stroll with Patchy the horse, these people come across a garbage truck that makes Patch slightly nervous. He hears the rumbling of the truck's engine and wants to turn around home. His owner tries to soothe him to go forward bu he is restless.

A man that was standing on the side of the road comes to help the woman by guiding Patchy past the truck. Seeing how he is still uncertain of the noise in front of him, one of the garbage men came out of the truck's cabin to offer the horse a treat to calm him down further!

Patchy notices the bright orange carrot in the man's hand and approaches him. A few bites and a pat on the head later and the horse is convinced that there is nothing bad ahead, so he slowly passes by the noisy truck and continues with his owner on their walk. Aww!

Oftentimes we see situation like this with much smaller animals who have every right to be afraid of what is in front of them, but horses can get scared too, even if they are 1000 plus pounds beasts. Faith in humanity restored!

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