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Published: January 11, 2017

Boater's Outlet employee Wyatt Green gets bit on the teet while trying to relax with the fish down at Lake Powell. Make sure to pack some pasties on your next visit.

"Background: I have been a boater for my whole life and I work at a boat accessory boat supply retail store. I went on a family vacation to Lake Powell in southern Utah. I had just recently bought a GoPro Hero from my work and was eager to catch something neat on film. The afternoon that I got my nipple bit by the fish, my family my girlfriend and I were all taking a ride in our pontoon boat. While we were out, we accidentally found a pool that had been formed by lowering water levels. We decided we would stay there for a little while and hang out. We parked the pontoon and started swimming around and jumping from the cliffs into the pool. I didn't noticed in the shallow areas there was a lot of sunfish swimming around. I decided to sit down in the water so that I could hopefully capture some video of these fish swimming around me. After I sat down it took only a few minutes for the fish to warm up to me and begin packing at my skin. I was there videoing the fish swimming around and pecking at me for about 15 minutes until one larger fish swim up directly in front of me and began to stare at me. Angle the camera towards the fish right before it left out of the water and latched onto my nipple. It wiggle around for just a second before I swatted it off. No one saw the incident happen so no one believed me that it actually occurred. I had to wait until we got back to her house boat and I was able to load the video onto my surface pro 3 and then I could show them the raw footage of my nipples being bit by the flying fish."

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