Lost Goose Trusts This Man To Guide Her To The Lake

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Published: January 11, 2017

A wild Canada goose had lost her way and needed help to get home. She decided to trust Andre Bachman and followed his truck on a gravel road to the Shinning Bank Lake, Alberta.

If there's a wild Canada goose following you, it often means you're being chased angrily or harassed for bread crumbs. This video shows something very surprising.

Forester Andre Bachman was driving his pickup truck along a country road near Edson, Alta, west of Edmonton, when he saw the goose flying overhead following his truck.

Curious about the goose's behavior, Bachman stopped and the goose landed behind his truck. Since the bird showed no inclination to fly away, Bachman decided to try leading it to water, and started driving to Shining Bank Lake, about 10 kilometers away.

"Let's go for a flight, let's go to the lake", the man said. They took a quick break, and then took off for the lake where she could finally relax.

He filmed from his truck as this Canada goose flew alongside until they reached the nearby lake. Given how comfortable the goose was with him, Bachman thinks it may have been raised by humans.

He added that the bird may have been lost and separated from its flock, indicated by how it pecked at its reflection in the truck’s bumper.

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