Emergency Butterfly Surgery

ViralHog Published January 11, 2017 19 Plays $0.09 earned

Rumble - I was leaving for work Monday morning June 8th, 2015 and saw this awesome butterfly getting attacked by a Robin. The Robin had torn the butterfly's left wing to the point where it was just hanging there. He couldn't fly and with the Robin maintaining a close distance, I knew I had to help or he would be dead within minutes. As I stepped closer to the butterfly, the Robin flew off. I held him in my hands and admired the colors. He truly is a work of art. I Googled what to do for a butterfly with a broken wing. The article said to apply a liquid adhesive to restore flight. I brought him inside and went to work with my father filming the "surgery." Luckily, the operation was a complete success and he was released into our back yard immediately. Live long and prosper little guy.