The Cutest Panda Puppy Runs Wild In The Park

pandaloonPublished: January 10, 201731,886 views
Published: January 10, 2017

A baby panda escapes from the zoo and runs wild in a suburban park! Okay, just kidding. It's Huxley the panda puppy just having fun, running in the park, but he runs pretty fast! If there were a zoo to escape from, he'd have a good shot.

We must admit that if there ever was a good combination of animals that would be a panda and a dog. There is just something so adorable about pandas, we can’t help but melt into a puddle of mush whenever we think of them. They are goofy and they are quite clumsy. If they had to roll around in the wilderness all day as a job, they would gladly get paid doing it. They are known for giving big hugs and munching on greens and they have quite a stylish fur covering their body.

Dogs, on the other hand are like our furry soulmates. They can brighten up our day with their goofy antics and they are every bit as playful as pandas, if not more. They love belly rubs and scratches behind their ears and they absolutely adore running around in the plush grass and waking us up early in the morning to go potty. So taking the good sides from both animals would definitely make the cutest super-animal and a man’s best friend. Luckily these owners had a way to solve that problem resulting in the cutest baby panda pupper.

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