Dog Tries Licking And Chewing His Way Out Of A Sliding Glass Door

2pits7legs Published January 9, 2017 8,484 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesA hilarious clip of a very confused pooch trying to eat his way through a glass door has emerged on the internet and has us rolling on the floor laughing! Either this is the first glass this pooch has ever seen or he is trying to lick the glass clean to get a better view?

Footage shows one very confused dog as he tries to lick and then chew its way through a sliding glass door. Too funny!

Watch as this wonderfully cute pooch tries to clean his way out the door. The little fellow constantly tries to get through, but fails every time. He is actually trying to get his way on the other side of the glass door but hasn’t mastered the technique of sliding yet! Hilarious!

He even tries to chew on the glass door by using his teeth. The little pooch is opening and closing his mouth, keeping them hopes up that the glass door will eventually open and he will be able to get out! This persistent pooch is really giving his best to figure out how to open this sliding glass door!

This funny pup is even using his paws to find his way out the door but hilariously fails with flying colors! He must have seen his owner open this glass door with sliding, and he is desperately trying to master the maneuver, but to no avail!

We feel bad for this tenacious pooch because he puts in so much effort, trying to break free from the house, through this strange-looking door that won’t open! Sadly, after trying over a dozen times, licking, chewing and teething at the door, the pooch is still captive inside and the glass window is wiped clean!


  • JoKidd, 2 years ago

    Wonder what that window tastes of, in the dogs opinion...Funny hound

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