Check Out This Heartwarming Moment When A Teenage Girl Asks Her Stepdad To Adopt Her

MikaylaDrakeMusic Published January 9, 2017 87,098 Plays

Rumble / Heartwarming FamiliesThey say that blood is thicker than water, but sometimes we don’t have to be related to someone by blood to know that they are our family. Family is what you make it out to be. It takes a lot of stress, a lot of patience and an uncountable amount of good memories to create a tight knit bond. Family members are there for us through thick and thin.

Although the bond is there no matter what the legal papers say, sometimes it just feels good to know that the person which raised you right and stood by your side every time can officially be called your parent. It is what this teenage girl had in mind when she asked her stepfather to adopt her. They'll remember this day for the rest of their lives!

He definitely wasn’t expecting that. Never did he imagine that a simple card from his stepdaughter would mean so much. The teenager was so eager to have him adopt her that she even prepared all the necessary paperwork in advance. She might look a bit uncomfortable and shy, but deep inside she’s thrilled when he says yes. Talk about a happily ever after.

What are your thoughts on this topic? Do you think that stepparents should adopt their children? Does it make any difference in the long run both legally and emotionally? Make sure you let us know what you think about this in the comments down below.


  • heatheremersonlvn, 1 year ago

    I think it does matter. My husband has been my son's daddy since he was 6 months old and my son says that is his dad no matter what is on his b.c. (he's 10) he wants my husband to adopt him and he wants us all to share the same last name. He asked the school if he could use his dad's last name

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