1 of 3 Did JUDAS David Duke manage to finally cause enough damage to Donald Trump

Published January 8, 2017

Rumble Part 1 - Have JUDAS(Trump's public image assassin) David Duke managed to finally cause enough damage to Donald Trump, so media could use one as an alibi of rigged elections' outcome against Trump !!?? Is David Duke working for Rothschilds !!!?? http://ausertimes.blogspot.si/2016/11/have-judas-david-duke-managed-to.html Why is Obama protecting and have protected David Duke !!?? How much is Washington rigged !!??? How much is US Government corrupt !!??

We know as much as David Duke that Duke didn't stand any chances to enter senate to begin with(rigged system have given David Duke 5.1% to enter last public debate just 6 days prior to US election day with idea to harm Trump even more and what Duke have performed with great sadistic pleasure)...the only question really is, did David Duke(real and worst JUDAS that ever lived) caused enough damage to Donald Trump throughout his presidential campaign for Donald to lose US elections in 2016(main stream media will probably use Duke as an excuse of rigged elections by associating Duke with Trump and this way justifying crime against Trump) !!!???

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