Huge Dogtooth Snapper catches fish and stuns it on rock

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Published: January 6, 2017Updated: January 9, 2017

The Dogtooth Snapper can grow to 5 feet in length and can weigh over 60 pounds. It is remarkably intelligent and cunning. It is named for its large canine teeth and powerful, crushing bite. At night, it is a formidable hunter and it often follows divers so that it can use their light to gain advantage on fish that become illuminated. This snapper emerges from the darkness and grabs a smaller fish. It then smashes the fish on the coral with a sideways motion to stun the fish before swallowing it.

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    brenmichelle · 1 year ago

    That is incredible footage

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      DavidMcNab · 1 year ago

      Thank you! It was an exciting trip.