Semi truck rollover caught on police dash cam

Published January 4, 2017 3,121 Plays

Rumble / Dash Cam FootageSemis are a big deal, literally. They pack quite a lot of horse power, which is understandable, considering the massive amounts of freight the get to carry. So can you imagine what would happen if a semi truck driver lost control over his machine on the road, while driving at high speed and trying to make a turn?
Such an intense moment is caught on police dash cam when a semi truck takes a turn too fast, causing it to rollover. The footage, courtesy of the Prineville Police Department, OR, shows the police officer signaling a camper vehicle to pull over. The vehicle stops, followed by the police car and the officer approaches the camper for an inspection. A few seconds go by before we are treated with the bizarre situation that happens so fast, you'll miss it if you blink! From the opposite side comes a semi hauling a long trailer, obviously driving at a very high speed and trying to take the turn when his long trailer topples over, followed by the truck and causing the load of sand to spill across the road, creating a massive road block!
Did you blink? Go ahead and scroll back, but not before sharing this video!


  • ECHOS, 2 years ago

    I'm sorry, I don't wish the guy dead or seriously injured but it serves him right I hope it scared him straight into slowing the heck down. I thought all those people were driving way to fast around that very sharp turn. People slow down, please.

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  • dropkickrick, 2 years ago

    @ Echos. You have no idea what you're talikg about. The load shifted. This could happen at 10mph. Self righteous jerk.

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    • saveddrip, 2 years ago

      this didnt happen at 10mph.....he was clearly going to fast.....and yes the load shifted BECAUSE he was going to fast..dumbass

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  • Phenom, 2 years ago

    meh Driver was going too fast Saw the cop and Jammed on his brakes, really doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out

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  • palpus, 2 years ago

    Don't care what any of you say, i jus hope the guy was alright!!!

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