New puppy thinks English Mastiff is his mother!

Published January 4, 2017 22,339 Plays $74.49 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesGunner the English Mastiff meets his new companion Hudson, a yellow Lab, for the very first time. Check out their precious interaction in this heartwarming clip!


  • FAIRSHER, 3 years ago

    So cute and I was happy to hear him keep the bigger dog calm. It doesn't take much to injure a puppy even during play.

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  • warriorbride, 3 years ago

    It seems like the puppy is HUNGRY guys FEED HIM HELLO its so sad to see him look for a nipple and no dog should be taken from its mom until he is 8 weeks old at least and this one doesn't look that old at all !!!

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