Circling sharks aggressively bump into diver

WildCreaturesPublished: January 3, 2017Updated: January 4, 20173,906 plays$11.62 earned
Published: January 3, 2017Updated: January 4, 2017

Divers must complete a 3 minute safety stop after a dive, hanging suspended at 20 feet while they expel nitrogen that builds up while they are at depth. If they ascend too quickly they will be in serious danger. These divers were shocked to see a 9 foot shark suddenly appear and approach them from below. It was joined by six other large sharks. They moved in and around the divers, with one of them bumping its nose in the diver's groin. They made repeated passes and sudden approaches. In such close encounters, curiosity can quickly turn to feeding aggression. While shark attacks are extremely rare, these divers were relieved to reach the boat without injury.

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