Watch These Lazy Life Hacks Presented By Adalia Rose

Published January 2, 2017 3,626 Plays

Rumble / Life HacksHave you ever heard about Adalia Rose? The little girl who became an Internet sensation since 2012. Diagnosed with a progressive genetic disease named Progeria just a few months after her birth, Adalia’s parents knew that she was special from the very start. She and her mother make videos daily and post regularly on social media.

In this video, shared on her page, Adalia shows everyone how to get things done, when you feel lazy. These hacks are not only impressive but they are also incredibly funny too! If you feel too tired to get up and flip the light switch, Adalia advices to use a hanger to easily turn it on or off. The second hack, would come handy when you are using the toilet or as she likes to call it “going 3,000”. Adalia thinks that you must have a bottle of “Poo-Pourri Spray” before having a seat.

Next, Adalia explains that the best way to get something when you chill on the sofa and don’t feel like getting up is to call your family (in her case, her dad) to do it for you. She asks her dad to bring her a chocolate drink and he promptly brings it over to her and holds it while she drinks from the straw. Now that’s a fine living!

When she is trying to wash her hands, she asks for help from her little brother and he gladly does it. Everyone knows that getting a Pikachu when you throw a Dragon Ball Z is only possible in the cartoon. Well, not exactly. Adalia throws a ball and Pikachu comes out of it! Just like magic, her dad shows up dressed as the famous character and saves the day! What a hero!

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