Watch The "Miranda Sings" Makeup Tutorial By Adalia Rose

AdaliaRosePublished: January 2, 2017Updated: January 3, 20173,026,819 views
Published: January 2, 2017Updated: January 3, 2017

Adalia Rose is beautiful, despite the fact that she has a rare congenital condition. She is a social media star and she became an Internet hit when her mom set up a website and a Facebook page to keep a track of her progress. Her personal website is called ‘The Rosebud Shop’. Check out this video where Adalia is showing off a make-up tutorial from her favorite fictional character.

You can see Adalia and her mother at the beginning of the video. Adalia is showing of the two things you need to have to achieve this look. The first must have is a red lipstick and the second thing is a black eyeliner. She starts with the red lipstick, which takes her a lot of time to put it on. After that it is time to put some eyeliner on. Her mom does that for her and she tells Adalia’ Don’t move’ so she can put the eyeliner perfectly. When they finish with the eyeliner, Adalia applies more lipstick just in case something feathered outside.

Miranda Sings is a fictional character on the Internet, portrayed by actress Colleen Ballinger. The transformation of Adalia into Miranda Sings is completed when she puts on a black hair wig and takes out a Cheetos pack out of her pants. Her mom can’t help but laugh!

Check it out as Adalia Rose shows us her makeup tutorial based on this character. She is Awesome!

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    Spitfire · 1 year ago

    I love it! Great job!

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    BroncoBob · 1 year ago

    What a precious little lady.

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    kitkat1970 · 1 year ago

    Such a comedian! Lol! Love those beautiful lips!

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    wegaleier · 1 year ago

    so sweet ! you are so lovely